Pets are not allowed if you are staying in any Camp-owned properties such as the upper rooms, hotel units or cottages. All others, please be ready at registration to demonstrate proof of vaccinations and adhere to our leash policy which requires your pet to be tethered at all times.

Code of Conduct:
To create an enjoyable and meaningful camping experience for all, and in light of the Christian family environment desired for our camp, we ask you to agree to the following:

  • To demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit in all our interactions
  • To refrain from inappropriate language
  • To be mindful of attire that is inappropriate and refrain from wearing those things
  • To refrain from all use of tobacco, alcohol, and/or illicit drugs anywhere on the grounds

You are a caretaker of the Camp:
Cattaraugus Camp is maintained by the hard work and generous giving of many people throughout the year who keep our grounds and facilities in good shape. We ask that all campers be mindful of this fact and help to keep the grounds in good order during your stay:

  • If you see trash lying around, please pick it up and discard it
  • There is a dumpster behind the snack shack for use of household trash for all campers. Please do not use the dumpster for construction debris or other use.
  • If you see something in disrepair that needs attention, bring it to the attention of one of our Trustees

Offerings and Giving:
Nightly offerings are received at each worship service. These generous gifts help to maintain our buildings and grounds. Giving can be directed to either Cattaraugus Christian Camp (to help with the buildings and grounds) or to Cattaraugus Family Camp (to give to the Annual Family Camp). There are also pledge cards available during camp week to pledge gifts to the ministry of the camp throughout the year.

Participation in Cattaraugus Christian Camp is not restricted in regard to race, sex, creed, color, national origin, or handicap. Any person who believes he/she has been discriminated against in any U.S.D.A. related activity should write to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.

Participation in all scheduled ministry programs is expected of all registered campers and their guests.

Anyone under age 18 must be registered under the responsibility of an adult parent / guardian.

Please respect the privacy of all campers. The upper rooms are restricted to campers residing there and their invited guests.

The Little Valley Public Pool has an agreement with our camp to allow families to swim there. Swimming is not allowed in the pond located on the camp property.

Fire Safety:
Campfires are permitted only in approved containers and specified areas.  Fires to be doused by 12:00 AM.

Health Care:
Medical needs should be treated as you would at home. 911 should be called in an emergency, and your own medical insurance should apply. Basic first aid supplies are available in the Infirmary to be applied by parents or guardians. If you have chronic conditions or treatments that require medical personnel, please arrange with your own caregiver, or a local facility.

All vehicles must adhere to posted speed and parking signs.